Yasmin Flemming

 B orn, raised and currently residing by the beautiful coast of South Wales, UK, Yasmin specialises in Landscape and Nature photography.  

Since a young child, Yasmin has always held a deep sense of respect for nature and wildlife, nurturing what has grown into a lifelong curiosity for the philosophy of nature.  Often turning to mother nature for wisdom and creative solitude, to Yasmin, a spider’s web is not just a masterful fly trap, but also a lesson in perseverance and self belief against the odds.  Through the camera, she brings the beauty and wonderment of outdoors indoors.

Since 2012, Yasmin has pursued photography as one of her main passions, however, she has been involved within the world of photography on and off for over 35 years.  Her first job on leaving school in 1986, was as a negative analyst for Davies Colour - one of the country’s leading printers for professional photographers; she then went on to study photography at art school, and there discovered her own love for being behind the lens. 

Nature never did betray the heart that loved her..." 

William Wordsworth

Attaining a college diploma in art & design, and now also the mother of a young son, went on to achieve a joint honours degree in philosophy and cultural studies from the University of Glamorgan; she then spent the next 18+ years raising her family, alongside developing a career within media and international cultural relations. 

Over the years, Yasmin has worked on several photographic exhibitions, including: Prejudice & Pride - Afro-Caribbeans in post war Britain, Let Paul Robeson Sing, and was curator for the Effective Leaders? African Women in Politics exhibition featuring the works of award winning, internationally renowned photographer, Nancy Durrell Mckenna.

After experiencing some personal/life upheavals, and needing to find some solitude and a renewal of faith, Yasmin turned to her love of photography and nature and brought them to the forefront of her life - establishing Blue Spirit Photography in 2012.  Her original fine art pieces aim to not only please the eyes and beautify walls, but also to highlight the importance of taking better care of mother earth and her creatures.

Latest Work

Santa Maria Della Salute, Venice

Sgwd Ddwli Uchaf, Neath

Kasbah Tamadot, Morocco

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